Hello! I’m Vani Viswanathan, a communications consultant working in the development sector, with a specialisation in gender and sexuality. I also co-founded and edit Spark, an online literary magazine.

My site is called The Tale Weaver because I have a tendency to make a tale of many things in life: the stroll in the park, the street vendor, a day in the office, a vacation, a song – anything. And I constantly weave words in my words, some of which get translated into writing.

I’ve been writing stories and non-fiction (formally) since 2005 on my blog that I named, in a fit of teenage nostalgia, The Musings of the Chennai Gal. Over the last few years, while I’ve been writing on the blog and on Spark, I’ve also been writing frequently on issues related to community media, gender, feminism and sexuality on various platforms. Read some of these here.

I worked for over 5 years in public relations/corporate communications before deciding to focus on communications in the development sector. I’m a passionate feminist and enjoy putting my words to use in discussing everyday issues of feminism in lay language.

I love A R Rahman, English rock and pop from the 70s and 80s, and blues. I’m crazy about the beach, delight in many cups of chai, and crave an escape from Delhi every couple of months. I’ve done some interesting travel over the years, and look forward to discovering more.

Write to me at contact@vaniviswanathan.com, or find me on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/vaniviswanathan1

Hope you enjoy reading my tales!